Best Currency Rates Exchange Tips

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Youve gotten the needed shots, the dog got his, too. Youve saved the Starbucks pennies, packed the right clothes, you even made sure you have the right adapter for the your cell phone and MP3 player chargers. As the big day arrives, youll have to do a little homework in getting great currency exchange rates. The places to get the best rates are in banks, post offices and American Express offices, especially if you use Amex and bank checks and post office money orders.

It also helps to stay updated in the rate exchange. Currency converters are available online, but go to reputable places like The Financial Times or The Wall Street Journal. And, its best if, once you get to your overseas destination, to steer clear of the touristy exchange bureaus dotting the international landscape. These places will charge an exuberant fee and youll likely get socked with as much as a ten percent decrease in the foreign coinage you receive from that bureau.

To ensure your best bet for exchange ratesand since youre really not interested in their exchange lookup during your stay thereis to employ your banks credit card. If its got the Visa or Master Card logo attached to the card, your cards good and accessible all over the world. Sure, its wise to carry cash for places that dont accept credit or debit cards, but when in doubt, you can hold onto this and get your best rates automatically placed in the name of the card holder Never mind looking up great ratesgo have a great time globetrotting!