Best Art Museums/Galleries In Europe

Image Source: World Reviewer

That depends. Whos ones favorite artist? Which artist will be highlighted? And, how much time is one willing to invest in the Louvrethe largest art museum on the planet?

To find the best art museums in Europe is as diverse as the food. But, to start with the giants of the art worldvan Gogh, Picasso, Da Vinci, Michaelangelo, Rembrandtis to get an idea of museums one can visit for more unknown, but just as talented artists, besides (and it isnt the Louvre).

The Muse dArt de Moderne de la Ville de Paris houses a good deal of avant-garde faire, including a few Picassos, Lger, Matasse, and a German designers large scale model in tribute to electricity. If avant-garde isnt your thing, theres always the Muse Marmottan-Claude Monet and the Muse Picasso. Here, these museums offer antiques of historic relevance (Renaissance tapestries, First Empire furniture in the Claude Monet) and almost 3,300 chronologically ordered works of the estate of Pablo Picasso to dot the museum landscape in his name.

Of course the Louvre is mentioned in this collection. But the Vincent Van Gogh Museum and Church in the Netherlands is a wonderful place to visit the artists birthplace and painting destiny. And, well, if the more sexier side of life works for you, traveling through Europe offers sex and erotic art museums there, too. The Beate Uhse Erotik Museum in Berlin is one place to browse your steamier side, where the Eroticamuseum Barcelona is another place to visit for a Spanish flavored perspective of sex.

And thats what its about, really: perspectives. Whatever ones visit in Europe is, no doubt thats the best museum for the traveler.