Beautiful Places In India

Image Source: ViralStories

Apart from seeing the Taj Mahal or the Himalayas first, and if taking in the Temple of 30,000 rats isnt tops on the list, India has some breathtaking scenes to take part in. One of these is Goa traveling. They have coconut groves, ferry rides and gorgeous beaches along their 80 miles long coastline and some of these pristine scenes served as a backdrop for exotic film and fashion swimsuit photo shoots.

Another place to visit of Indiaand just like it looks from the National Geographic magazine coversthe Himalayas. From lush valley depths, its floors covered in purple-hued violets only dreams can create to its mountaintops encrusted in snow where the Tibetans brave, this mountain range is as challenging to the world traveler as it is diverse in its scenery. Hiking season spans from late spring to mid fall, depending on altitude levels. Check in Delhi for professional tours and advice on how to traverse the terrainand if walking or climbings not your bag, try paragliding, skiing or river rafting through the Himalayas.

And, you knew this was coming. One of the most breathtaking landmarks of the world: the Taj Mahal. Known by the name of the Taj Mahal Agra India Tajganj to the locals, this gorgeous tomb (not bad digs for the love and testament to a very special woman) is some 800 miles south from New Delhi and easily one of the most featured and prominent places to visit in the Middle Easter travel guides and books.

Waterfalls. Almost every continent has these, including the Asian one. In the Trichur District of Kerala India lie the waterfalls called the Athirampally and Vazhachal. Stressed over the kids and family back home, taking the views in from these peaceful water flows will ease the stress from you as the water cascades to its final destination. Situated some 300 miles from Cochin, its accessible either by bus in Cochin or taxi from the Chalakudy Railway station.