Beat the Heat: Icy, Fun Places to Book Your Summer Vacation

For billions of people, the months between May and August are the hottest of the year. Vacationers in the Northern Hemisphere are eager to find any way to beat the heat, with trips to the lakeside and seaside being top contenders.

Why not take things a step further, and book a vacation to a place thats truly coolin the literal sense of the word? If youre tired of facing 100 degree heat, these vacation destinations will cool you down.

1. Alaska

Alaska might be too cold to draw vacationers most of the year, but its lovely in the summer. Northern Lights, mild weather, and stunning fishing: For someone who loves the outdoors but hates to break a sweat, an Alaskan cruise or wildlife vacation is a natural choice.

2. Mt Ruapehu, New Zealand

In the Southern Hemisphere, Christmas is beach weather. That means summer to an American is the perfect time to hit the ski slopes in NZ. You can hit the slopes, dine at New Zealands highest cafe at 2020 meters above sea level, or marvel at volcanic and crater activity. Whether you like your vacations hot or cold, theres something for everyone to enjoy here.

3. Antarctica

It doesnt get much colder than a cruise around Antarctica. Over the past few years, tourism has really increased in this area. Whether you choose to fly over the South Pole or observe frolicking penguins from the decks of a cruise ship, visiting this unspoiled paradise is definitely a cool way to chill out.

4. Iceland

Ice is right there in the name, right? So it makes sense that this small island nation would be the perfect place to get some refreshingly cool R&R. Of particular interest is Lofthellir cave, which features amazing ice formations and presents a lovely way to cool down during the summer heat.