Barcelona on a Budget

Located in the northeastern region of Catalonia, Barcelona is a city known for its many attractions. The citys architecture, beach, parks and plazas offer many activities for those on a budget .

Market food.

The Marcat de la Boquera is a large market located near La Rambla, a central main street. The market sells fresh produce, including fruit, jamn and cheese. Visitors can buy local hams, baked bread and fresh fruit with some traditional cava and enjoy a picnic on the beach. There are several small bars where visitors can enjoy traditional tapas , which are typical small appetizers served with a caa beer. There are many types of tapas , including bread drizzled with olive oil with tomato and jamn .

Catalonias cuisine is very varied. Traditional dishes are usually made from local mar y montaa ingredients, meaning that ingredients come both from the sea and the mountains. There is plenty of fresh seafood and many roasted meat options. The men del da is a menu served at most bars and restaurants at lunch, and for a price of around 10 visitors can enjoy two main courses, dessert, bread and a glass of wine.

Gaud and a walk along the citys streets.

The Rambla is one of the citys main streets, which stretches from the Plaa de Catalunya, which is where the airport shuttle arrives, and the Christopher Columbus statue by the sea. There are many bars, boutique stores and shops to explore along this street. The boulevard is filled with flower shops and street performers.

The citys architecture is an attraction in its own. Many of the citys most known and visited buildings were designed by Gaud. The citys symbol, the Cathedral of the Sagrada Familia, is one Gauds masterpieces. Visitors can enjoy views towards the cathedrals faade, visit its interior and climb up its many steps, from where the city and the sea can be seen.

Near the Paseo de Gracia, one of the citys main streets, visitors will find two other Gaud buildings. The Casa Batll is known for its sandstone faade covered with decorative mosaic tiles. Its interior was designed by the architect, who avoided straight lines and created the carved chimneys. Guided tours are organized around another of Gaudis building, the Pedrera. This impressionist building, decorated in pastel tones, has a wavy faade, and the roof is decorated with statues that overlook the sea.

One of the citys most visited neighbourhoods is the Barrio Gtico, the Gothic district. Barcelonas Cathedral is located in this ancient district, known for its narrow streets and Gothic buildings made from stone. The district has many art galleries, chic coffee shops and vintage shops.

From the beach to the park.

The Barceloneta beach is one of the city beaches. There are several statues decorating the boardwalk. Locals and visitors will be able to visit one of the seaside chiringuitos and enjoy traditional food. There are several malls near the main port, including the Maremagnum.

Parc Gell is a park which was designed by Gaud. The park is located on a hill. One of its features is the porch with twisting stone columns, a large tiled dragon and several fountains made from tiles. Next to the porch there is a large observation platform that has views towards this city and the sea.

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