Backpackings Not What It Used To Be

Backpackers seeing the world at eighteen a couple of decades ago would definitely envy backpackers of today. In so many ways, budget travel has become much easier to do now than it used to be.

For a start you can get cheap flights with companies like <strong> </strong> to so many interesting destinations. It used to be that youd have to go travelling for a long period of time to justify the costs of your travel to get there. But now its so easy to pop over to any city in Europe all you need is a daypack with a couple of changes of clothes and you can go and visit a new country over a weekend, without feeling like youre breaking the bank in doing so.

Its also now possible to go travelling without giving up work. You can work as you go as long as you have your laptop with you, and a flexible boss. Of course, its not suitable for every profession, but if youre a writer or researcher, there generally arent many restrictions especially if you work for yourself. Theres internet access in every destination, whether you take a dongle with you, or go to different internet cafs and hotspots along the way, so if you have a day job that can be done on the move, why not?

And then theres the gear. With so many lightweight tent and sleeping bag options, backpacking doesnt have to be a backbreaking exercise these days.

However, with all these advantages, there comes one aspect thats not quite as good as in the old days. Part of the joy and excitement of backpacking was that getting away from it all feeling, that slight edginess of knowing that your family didnt have a clue where you were until you checked in over a crackly telephone call that cost you 10 a minute and the only way of sending you stuff was via a poste restante.

Backpackers today must find it hard to escape the emails and text messages from home and probably never quite get that same sense of adventure as those backpackers had only a couple of decades ago. Still, we cant escape progress!

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