Americans are off on vacation!

Image Source: Project: Time Off

Planning a family vacation this summer? Youre not alone. More than half of America is coming with you. PHOTO: 123rf

The majority of Americans (some 66 percent) are planning some kind of leisure trip or summer vacation in the next three months a slight increase over 64 percent last year and a major increase over 60 percent in 2012.

According to a story report by 9NEWS in Colorado, the numbers come from a new Harris survey.

Paula Froelichs of Yahoo Travel tells 9NEWS that whether the uptick is due to an improving economy or Americans acceptance of the new normal, this is good news for the tourism industry.

According to the Harris survey, three in 10 Americans (roughly 10 percent) say theyre less likely to travel this summer because of the economy. Thats down 5 percent from last year and 12 ppercent from 2009.

Business trips are another matter.

The survey shows 14 percent Americans plans to travel for business this year down 3 percent from last year and 9 percent from 2009.

The good news for the economy, 9NEWS reports, is that Americans planning summer vacation say they anticipate spending an average of $1,779 on their trips.