Airport Parking Tips

Image Source: Wanderlust and Lipstick

If youre going to have an extended stay for your ride at the airport, better look into advance reservations. Many major airport hubs like Kennedy International, O Hare International and LAX have extended parking stays for a monthly fee.

These spots are watched by airport parking personnel, enforced by security and scrutinize the driver and/or car owner of the vehicle holding a space for a prolonged period of time. After September 11th, more airport reserve parking spaces are really choosy of who can park for a long-term stay. Mostly, these are those with corporate accounts and the roster of employees that work for them.

Also, its a good idea the airport parking reserves knows youve been green-lighted on the FBIs and DHSs no-fly lists. This way, when in the extended parking stays at airports you should be able to process and proceed in a timely fashion.

Depending on the time of year youre traveling, some expended parking at airports are significantly cheaper than at other times of the year. Around mid-winter (mid January to Mid March) is one example of an inexpensive stay in an airport car park Another way would be to arrange something with the hotel you frequent. This may be an overlooked avenue of a lowered rate if your lodging is close to the airport and if the hotel is willing to voucher you partial pay for the extended car stay, provided youre also staying in the hotel for the same duration your ride is housed in the airports garage.

When you do secure the car, do not leave personal belongings in the ride, as if, for some reason your vehicle gets broken into, your car insurance and the airport will not be responsible for damages and lost/stolen items in the car. Also, check to see if your insurance carrier covers extended airport parking; if damages occur to the cars exterior, your insurance deductible can skyrocket, pending which carrier insures your wheels.