A proper “welcome home”

When friends and family return from a trip abroad you want to welcome them back the right way. Especially, if they’ve been away for a really long time. You can’t just open the door with a big smile and a cup of coffee. You have to show them how happy you are that they’re back. Basically, you have to throw a party they’ll never forget.

Time it right – Don’t plan a party for your best friend’s first night home. Haven’t you heard of jet lag? Rather let them sleep it off, unpack their clothes and settle in. At least two nights after their return should be a welcome home party rule.

Guest list – Try not to invite everybody they know (or everybody you know). A big crowd may overwhelm them. The point of this party is to see a good friend you haven’t seen in a while. And if they’re trying to make small talk with a room full of people, that’s not going to happen.

The theme – This is a “welcome homeparty, so the theme should be “home. Fill your home with things that represent your home town. From a surfing town? Decorate with surfboards and seashells. From the wine lands? Well, that one is pretty obvious.

Make sure you’ve run it past everyone – If your friends have more than one group of friends or family members who’d like to spend some time with them, you should check that they’re available that night. Also ask the guest of honour. You don’t need to tell them you’re holding a party in their honour, you just need to make sure they can actually make it to the party.

Remember that it’s about them – Serve their favourite food, cater around their allergies and, if you’re going to serve booze, make their favourite cocktail or buy their favourite beer. Don’t worry about the others, this party is about welcoming home one of your favourite people.

Make them a playlist – If it’s a party all about them, you should play their favourite tracks. Include some nostalgia from back in the day. Of course, it should be a playlist that other people will also want to dance to.

So, welcome your loved one home with the best party they’ve ever been to. Remind them that this will always be home and that they were missed. Make them never want to leave again. Maybe they’ll even bring along some duty free alcohol.

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