A-List Escapes: Travel Like A Star This Season

Everyone needs a vacation, including the stars that help create the leisure activities you participate in at home. While a trip to Hollywood to see the stars can be quite an adventure, this isnt the best plan if you want a truly luxurious and relaxing vacay. To truly unwind, take some tips from the stars you love best and consider the top travel destinations for celebrities. It should be no surprise that most celebs like to unwind in the relaxing tropics, so if youre ready to beach it up, grab the essentials and get ready for the perfect way to de-stress.

The second-largest island in Hawaii is one of the most beautiful destinations in the world. While it is a top tourist spot, this island is also more secluded than the main island of Oahu. This is ideal for the stars who simply want to get away from it all. For this reason, you will see more celebrities on this island. If you are ready for a relaxing beach vacation, consider taking a much-needed vacation to this tropical island escape. At the same time, Maui doesnt skimp on opportunities for the adventurousif you want a break from the beach, consider a hike to the Haleakala Crater or a drive to Hana.

The middle of the Pacific Ocean is home to many tropical destinations. While Hawaii is one of the most popular since it is relatively easy to travel to, other hot celebrity vacation spots await you within the Pacific Rim. Fiji is another hot travel spot for the stars. The main island is home to many hotels and resorts, but there are also more exclusive spots that make up this chain of more than 300 islands. This beautiful spot offers year-round diving, beachcombing, kayaking and hiking.

The Pacific Ocean may be home to many hot tropical spots, but many other stars head to the opposite side of the globe to get their beach on. Located in the northwest Atlantic Ocean, Barbados offers a whole other tropical world to beach-goers. The beauty and seclusion make it a top spot for the stars to unwind in peace. Unlike other tropical locations in the Atlantic, such as the Caribbean islands, Barbados isnt generally as vulnerable to hurricanes.

Miami Beach
If you want a healthy mix of beach-going and nightlife, then you might consider taking your next all-star vacation to Miami Beach, Florida. Miami Beach is home to soft white sands and blue waters that make for a perfect tropical atmosphere. While beaches in other hot celeb travel spots are more secluded, they dont offer the dining and nightlife that Miami Beach does. So if you are in the mood to party like a celeb at night and relax on white sands during the day, then Miami Beach may be the perfect destination for you.