5 Unconventional Restaurants to Visit

Going out to eat becomes boring quickly. Sure, you want a high-quality meal, but the food selection and surroundings of your neighborhood restaurant can get old. Whether you are looking for new foods or a unique atmosphere, check out these five unconventional restaurants across the country.

Linger Lodge

A hamburger or steak may get boring to some restaurant-goers after a while. If you are visiting Florida and want a unique take on dinner, consider checking out Linger Lodge. Some of their menu items include gator, squirrel and road grill. However, if you dont believe such unconventional food items really taste like chicken, the restaurant also offers a traditional menu. This establishment is located in Bradenton on the west coast of Florida.

Ninja New York

You may appreciate when a Japanese restaurant provides authentic cuisine, but a New York City restaurant gives you the opportunity to observe a twist on culture through its wait staff. Ninja New York offers excellent Japanese food and its waiters are essentially ninjas who perform magic throughout your stay.

Old Ebbitt Grill

A popular lunch stop in Washington, D.C. has decided to take the news world by storm. After you pay for your order at Old Ebbitt Grill, you can read the Associated Presss top news headlines on the back of your receipt. The managers of the restaurant hope this is an engaging idea that will not only help increase revenue through the way of advertising, but that the unique concept will increase customer traffic. While some skeptics point out that customers can just as easily look at headlines on their smartphones, advocates appreciate the unconventional idea and contend that it is an informative way to take a lunch break in the nations capital.

Pisgah Inn

The restaurant market is increasingly competitive, and many owners are looking for ways to stand out and create unique experiences for patrons. While many unconventional restaurants utilize performances and technologies, others simply rely on what nature has to offer. Pisgah Inn is an American restaurant that is nestled within the beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Waynesville, North Carolina. Here you can eat high-quality steak and seafood while enjoying peaceful and inspiring views of the unique mountain views.


If unconventional cuisine is what youre after, you are in for a whirlwind of a treat at Santa Monicas Typhoon restaurant. Many patrons eat traditional Asian food at this venue, but the most daring can have a chance to eat insects as well as amphibians. These types of foods are eaten in other parts of the world, but are deemed unconventional here in the States.