5 Tips for Travelling on a Budget in Peru

Peru is the ideal location for an exotic holiday. If you think that youll require a lot of money to get here, youre most likely wrong. Here are a few useful tips for travelling to Peru on a budget:

5 Tips for Travelling on a Budget in Peru – Look for Decent Conditions, Not for the Most Luxurious ones

If you go on a trip its unlikely to get much rest. Youre most likely to spend your holiday exploring the new destination, so the time youll spend at your hotel/guesthouse will be rather short. Therefore, theres no obvious reason to pay more for facilities which you might not use, such as air conditioning, room minibar, room service, cleaning services etc. If you want to get to explore all the Perus sights, then a bed and a bathroom will most likely suffice.

If you want to taste the specific food area, youll be pleased to hear that Peru has very complex dishes, reflected from several continents, such as Italy, Japan, French and England. The best place to serve a meal in Peru is a restaurant, but since they can be quite expensive, there are other alternatives you can look for, like cafeterias and self-service markets. If you want only a snack, the best solution is a tin can; its both insexpensive and a real time saver.

5 Tips for Travelling on a Budget in Peru – Document Yourself

You want to know the most appealing attractions of Peru without having to pay for a guide? If so, the best solution is to access the internet. Various maps and guidebooks are available online, and you can print them yourself instead of buying them from a library, which is a more expensive method. In addition, the internet can provide useful tips and suggestions from those who visited the country before, and most of times these information can be found from official sources too.

Also, make sure to book online through the internet. Most of the times you will find several discounts for different services, such as rail transport in Peru.

5 Tips for Travelling on a Budget in Peru – Try to Resist Buying Souvenirs

Most of these items that dont have a real use, and some of them are even of poor quality. If you would live in those places, its most likely that you wouldnt buy them for these reasons. If you want to have memories from your trip, snap a lot of camera photos. The more, the merrier !

5 Tips for Travelling on a Budget in Peru – Look for Coupons

When you visit Peru it can be of great help to search for special offers which allow you to visit more and cheaper more, at cheaper prices. Vouchers are available for most museums and attractions in Peru, you just have to look for them at the hotel receptions, at tourist information centers and basically in any place where tourists can be found.

5 Tips for Travelling on a Budget in Peru – Plan Your Holiday well before Time

If you book your holiday before time youll most likely benefit from generous discounts, the so-called early-booking. Its also recommended to avoid travelling to Peru during the main season (commonly between December and March), because prices are higher during that period and the city is very crowded.

If you follow the above-mentioned steps, you will most likely benefit from a wonderful (and inexpensive) holiday in Peru, a country which is renowned for its unique attractions.

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