3 Great Shops in Paris to Buy the Best of French Cheese

It may be a little cheesey to even make the comment, but in the case of France, having a national icon that tastes better the more pungent it smells is nothing to be sniffed at.


All puns aside, French gastronomy is so reveared it has UNESCO world heritage status, and whilst the best in fromage comes from all across the nation, from Comte produced in Franche-Comté region of eastern France to Roquefort from the south of France there’s no better place to taste the best cheese there is to offer in Paris. Here’s our pick of 3 fromageries not to be missed for those travel foodies of you:

Location: 13 Rue Poncelet, 17e

To the Parisians, traditional cheese-making, from curdling to cooking, is not unlike a meticulous art form. No-one knows this better than Philippe Alléosse who was born into a cheese family, with their first shop opening in 1977, and so it is somewhat in his blood. Like a father to a child, he “raiseshis produce, and this is something the French have a word for: an “affienur.

Alléosse is renowned for lait cru, the unpreserved fromage, as well as Epoisses de Bourgogne from Burgundy.

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