10 Things To See At Disneyland

Image Source: YouTube

While everyone’s tastes are different when visiting theme parks, here are 10 Must Sees for anyone visiting Disneyland. Most importantly seeing the entire park from the beginning is a good way to take in the sights and plan one’s day at the park. Take the railroad for the entire loop trip, it will drop you off at Main Street.

After riding the train, I suggest visiting either Space Mountain or Indiana Jones, whichever ride has the longest line, get a Fast pass to ride after you return from the others (check your time frequently). Utilize the Fast Pass feature throughout the day so that you are able to ride as much as possible. Next find your way to New Orleans Square and get ready for a scare with the Haunted Mansion! Next stop depends on your importance within the park, if you want to meet characters, stop to meet Winnie The Pooh, however if you’re a thrill seeker, ride the Matterhorn (NOTE: Many visitors suggest riding both side of this ride for the full effect).

Depending on your favorite Disney character, I suggest riding Alice in Wonderland and from there, go to Storybookland and enjoy the Canal Boats, a nice relaxing ride for visitors of all ages. Another must-see is It’s A Small World, if you’re a more modern Disney fan, ride Roger Rabbit. Towards the end of the day, I suggest exploring FrontierLand or visiting the Disney Gallery. And lastly after you are tired from a long day of thrill rides, stop by the Main Street Opera House and watch a show. My favorite end of the day ritual remains riding the railroad once more throughout the entire loop.