10 Places You Must Visit In The USA

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Our great Nation is lurking with incredibly beautiful destinations waiting to be discovered. Some of which we didnt even know existed. When we think of an interesting place to visit in the USA the first thing that pops to mind is the beach of course or New York City.

Its time to think outside the box and set up an unforgettable adventure. There is an abundance of mysterious and quite breathtaking destinations waiting for you right here on home turf; USA!

Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe is located directly on the border of California and Nevada. Lake Tahoe is the second deepest lake in all of the United States on top of it being one hundred percent fresh water. Its an amazing view worth traveling to.

Lake Tahoe offers a huge variety of activities including camping, swimming, fishing, and skiing, snowboarding or just relaxation. The views are gorgeous with bright blue waters and mountainous terrain its a photographers dreams.

Boston, MA

Boston isnt all about lobsters and seafood. Boston is home to the Boston Marathon, the Boston Red Sox and the Freedom Trail. Theres something fascinating about this city and it offers rich culture and heritage from our founding fathers.

The oldest Tavern in our country is located right in Boston called Bell in Hand Tower. You can imagine the delicious beer that is served there. Enjoy history, entertainment, one-of-a-kind beer, cuisine and shopping in this thriving city. You dont even have to worry about leaving the country to experience a unique vacation.

French Quarter in New Orleans, LA

This culturally inspired city is incredible and you will have to visit to fully embrace the experience. Hurricane Katrina might have flooded the city in the past but nothing stopped this city from growing stronger and richer in history.

The essence of jazz, blues and classic rock n roll flood the streets, youll be able to feel the chemistry when exploring. The ground is covered in cobblestones and the balconies are wrought-iron. You will feel as if you stepped into a new country. Its quite fascinating and a bit mysterious. The French Quarter is one of the USAs top iconic cities to visit and for many delightful reasons. Cajun food, sweet wine and bright lights cover the streets and there is something to explore at every hour of the day.

Pike Place, Seattle

Pike Place Market is the ultimate foodie destination in the USA, thousands of people flock their on a daily basis for the delicious treats. Vendors line the markets with hundreds of choices between cakes, coffee, seafood and flowers. There is no other market comparable to this one.

The flagship Starbucks is located in the Pike Place Market too; this is a coffee lovers dream come true.

Make sure you dont miss out on Seattles hidden treasure while you are there. The Gum Wall is where all visitors make their mark by leaving their freshly chewed gum right there stuck on the wall with thousands of others pieces. Make your mark on the city when youre enjoying an unforgettable destination.

Grand Canyon, Arizona

This has always been a popular destination and always will be.
The Grand Canyon is 227 miles of beautiful, larger-than-life features. Its breathtaking and the perfect destination for an adventurous soul. The Colorado River flows through the Canyon giving it even more of such an incredible scenic view.

The most amazing activity to partake in while visiting is watching all the bright colors flow against the giant Canyon walls as the sun sets in Arizona. This makes for a peaceful and relaxing destination spot that must be seen to appreciate.

South Beach, Miami

If youre more into hot sunny weather and loud bright parties then Miami is the place to be. There are plenty of sites to be seen here with models bathing on the beaches and gorgeous people walking around the city. Youll be fully entertained the entire time you are there.

The streets are lined with bright neon lights with a variety of nightlife and alcoholic beverages to choose from. South Beach is known for shocking and surprising people. If youre looking for a more family oriented beach, head towards the North Side.

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco

This huge and extremely powerful bridge is a landmark in our country. Its built to withstand powerful storms, winds and earthquakes. Nothing can bring the bridge down! Its bright orange color gives it a unique look and when youre standing on it you will feel a powerful gush of wind. Its incredible and the sites are beautiful.

The bridge connects San Fran and Martin County. The bridge itself is a little less than two miles long. A fun activity you can participate in is located right in the bridges pavilion. Learn all about the history and culture of The Golden Gate Bridge.

Portland Head Light, Maine

What a majestic and romantic destination that is offered here. This classic light house tower is located right on the sandy shores of Maine. Its attached to the Keepers Inn. This lighthouse is full of history dating back all the way to when George Washington was our President. Make sure you enjoy a delicious lobster treat from the food truck that parks there called A bight out of Maine.

Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park is often called The Wonderland because of the preserved geysers found here. Old faithful is the most sought out and popular geyser which is located right there in Yellowstone. Not only does Yellowstone preserve geysers but they have wildlife including bears, wolves, bison and elk. You will see unimaginable things when visiting this amazing landmark.

Thomas Jefferson Memorial

Located right in our Nations Capital of Washington D.C. is the Thomas Jefferson Memorial. There is an abundance of monuments located in this city but the Thomas Jefferson Memorial is by far the most popular. Youll instantly recognize it with its long white columned walls and round marble top. Its incredibly giant and beautiful to say the least. Youll feel a wonderful feeling of freedom in this city which makes it one of USAs most popular destination spots.

Our great Nation is full of culture, history and excitement. Why worry about a passport and international cost when you can visit fascinating destinations right here in the USA.

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