10 Online Resources For Travelers

Image Source: Frédéric Gonzalo

Depending in where youre planning to go and what you have to do, take, spend, save or barter to get there, the Internets chockful of great resources to travel in the most effective and efficient manner possible. Check out a few of these sites or find your own that work best for your circumstances.

Expedia.comThis site offers flights, hotels and car rental rates for those needing an entire package. Also covers international travels.

Hotels.comThis site allows potential visitors to rate rooms, see interiors of hotels, and track down the best of the cheapest and the best of the more pricey digs to crash in. Also covers international lodging.

Timeanddate.comIt really helps to know what time itll be when you hit Prague, the Himalayas or Seoul s. Korea. And, plan to adjust your body clock accordingly, too: flight times to and from count for the crankiness bound to set in after a few hours.

www.xe.com/ucc–This site gives international travelers the most up-to-date rate of exchange on their currency. If that doesnt move you, check in with www.international.visa.com/ps or www.mastercard.com/cardholderservices and see how your Visa or Master Card would fare overseas.

www.kropla.com offers helpful tips in TV guidelines. What electrical plugs to use on overseas outlets and international dialing codes.

Visit www.theweatherchannel.com for international weather forecasts and how to dress accordingly in each area youll globe trot in.

Ensuring youre staying out of trouble when traveling alone and if youre a woman, cruise www.coyotecommunications.com for an exhaustive list of dos and donts on a gals solo visit around the globe.

And, finally: Stay out of health troubles when traveling abroad. Visit www.travelmed.com to know what to get inoculated for, what lotions and creams to bring and to get advice on how to pack needed Rx medications for your traveling concerns.